Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eye Makeup Remover- Ahava vs. Yves Rocher

In this video I am comparing two eye makeup removers. In short, these are the two:

AHAVA- Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

It was my all time favorite for a long time, but it has been discountinued ToT
The replacement is not very convincing. It is called Ahava Time to Clear All in One Toning Cleanser. It is just one of those typical make up remover lotions. However if you are so desperate after the Gente Eye Make-up Remover as I was, you might still be able to find it on StrawberryNet.

Yves Rocher- Express Cleanser for Sensitive Eyes with Cornflower

In the mean time I found a biphasic eye makeup remover from Yves Rocher which I really like. I will most probably repurchase it because it fights the most stubborn waterproof mascara also.

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