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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aikido Dichotomies: Water - Fire, Kon - Haku

There are quite some dichotomies to be discovered in aikido. Here are two of them that stared interesting me. The left and the right how they symbolize the male and female side, but at the same time a lot more dualities can be listed under this one. I was really glad to discover this table in The Essence of Aikido by Morihei Ueshiba, John Stevens and decided to share it with you:

The Essence of Aikido (1993) p. 26
It is easy to relate to this one, as a westerner also, because the water - fire duality is an archetype that we are also familiar with. Seeing this table, makes me think of myself in terms of these oppositions. The practice itself is also done in the symmetry of the two sides, each technique having not only a left and a right but also an omote and an ura application. 

Another set of opposite terms that rose my interest was the Kon vs. Haku, conscious soul vs. corporeal soul. Kon is all that is noble in human nature like inteligence, sensitivity and intuition that is not common to each and every individual. Haku is the more immediate, disruptive and sometimes even aggressive set of human characteristics that can be found in anyone: fear, love, hate, desire. In my understanding there is no Kon without Haku, unless we are able to banish Haku, but there can be Haku without Kon. Furthermore, O'Sensei considered Aikido to be a martial art based on the Kon, while other martial arts are based on Haku.

I started really liking the Kon and Haku opposition, because just now as I write, I realize that it stays at the very basis of the concept of this blog I am writing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Makeup Remover Review: Garnier, Nivea, Yves Rocher

In this video I am reviewing several makeup removers. 

I usually remove my makeup in 3 steps:

1. Remove the eye make-up
2. Remove facial make-up with a makeup remover milk
3. Clean up the face with a toner

The video is a comparison of Garnier and Nivea versus Yves Rocher.

I am talking about the following products:

Garnier Essentials - Makeup remover milk for normal skin
Nivea - Facial tonic for normal and mixed skin
Yves Rocher - Onctuous Cleansing Milk with 3 detoxifying teas
Yves Rocher - Perfecting Toning Lotion with 3 detoxifying teas

I hope you found this review useful!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Leadership and Aikido

I am at present ordering some videos for the company where I work, that people can watch to improve leadership and management skills. It was just after I placed the order that I found this great DVD about how the principles of aikido can apply in business life. If you head to the link, you can find a short excerpt from the video. I wish I could have included this one in my order also... However there was another
martial art themed management one, that I did order entitled Judo Strategy. This one is really interesting, also. The speaker talks about the strategy of e-bay and how companies can defeat their stronger opponents by using their own size and power against them.

Just as you learn in the first years of your practice of aikido how to fall, the same way you have to learn in the first years of emplyment how to make mistakes. The young, potential leaders have to take the practice of falling seriously because it is one of the core elements in their developement just as doing ukemi in aikido. And this cannot be done in an organization that is based on command and control. There needs to be room for people to take rist before they get into higher positions. Taking resposibility at an early stage of one's careear is really important in the development of leadership skills.

Anyone out there who has already seen these DVDs?

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

GIVEAWAY! One Year of Beauty and Aikido Blog

Hi Everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who has been following my blog in the past year. I would also especially like to thank to those who commented and got engaged with this blog and what it is all about. 

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weapon Techniques

Beauty and Aikido ©
In the picture you can see lame me, hit on the head with a jo...well not really hit. Senpai was trying to remind me that I was not moving aside. We were doing the 4th jo kata I think, and I could not decide quick enough how and in which direction to move on. I bet you also found yourself in similar situations when you blacked out and were not really sure how to move on in a technique. In my case, I think it is because I cannot really get myself to concentrate. I should be working on that. If you have any tips, do let me know. I am that type of aikidoka who trains, in the hope that some time soon something (besides a jo) will remain in my head. I can see so many other people in the dojo who concentrate and learn everything so fast, that I am ashamed of my attitude. Sometimes it is so hard for me to focus on the fact that this is a school of teaching and that I should be more persevering in actually learning what is being taught...

Not all aikido dojos practice weapon techniques. Ours is a traditional dojo, so we tend to do quite some techniques with weapons also. Our Friday trainings are centered around the training with the jo, bokken and tanto. As I did not always have the chance to join the Friday training I am still legging behind on this chapter.

Let me sum up the benefits of the weapon techniques:

1. Trains  your muscles

Well...after a set of  50+ shomenuchis with the bokken or swirling around your jo, you will sure have worked on the muscles of your arms. I have also read that weapon techniques are supposed to help you perfect your bare hand techniques. For me, weapon techniques also help me get the stress out there with the kyai and clear my mind.

2. Helps develop good coordination of movements and concentration

You need to concentrate on what you are doing with the weapon, how you hold it, swirl it, what steps you make.You need to connect the given movement or set of movements with its name and be able to perform it whenever Sensei requests you to do so. Most of the time you have to do it together with the others and on top of that at the same time with them, so that you are synchronized. 

3. Advantage in case of street fight

Most probably, nobody is really likely to attack you with a sword or wooden sword (bokken) let alone with the end of a broomstick (jo like thing). What about the tanto? The tanto is the imitation of a small knife. I find that the techniques we learn for disarming a tanto attack can be really useful if you master them well enough. It can help you disarm an attacker coming at you witha knife or with any sharp object.

Can you think of other benefits? Do you have weapon trainings at your dojo?

Last but not least, stay tuned for the Aiki giveaway on my blog. Sneak peak into what I will be giving away in the Aikido Package. Hope you join!

Shaolin patch against muscle pain

My blog is soon turning one years old, so please join the celebration with me next week.

Update: This post became a really hot topic on reddit where I also posted it. Check the conversation thread here!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jewelry Selection- Giveaway Comming Up!

As you already know, I am planning to make a giveaway this month. I will include other items also, but I cannot decide on this one.

Please vote on the poll on the left which one should be included, or share your opinion in a comment below.*

Angel Wing

Chrystal Cow

Wooden Elephant

Chrystal Giraffe
* this is not yet the giveaway!! I am just getting ready for it and need your input!

The poll closed. Thanks for your votes. And the winnable necklace is....
You have the chance to win it on the giveaway I just started. 

Aikido: Triangle, Circle, Square

ReBOOT in 2012

New year means new boots

Well I am not a shoe freak and I usually have just a few comfy pairs. I do to purchase more feminine high heeled ones also, but I wear them much less. So let's see the showcase.

Not too thick, ideal for the office also. We can wear casual clothes so it will fit well with jeans or other pants. I really liked the checked lining.

 I also liked the white soles a bit higher at the heel part.

 I love the reindeer pattern pressed at the ankle part. And last but not least, the price was reduced from 13,990 FT to 8.490 FT which is a good bargain. So for all the readers out there, you might still fin these Young Spirit boots on sale. I bought mine in RENO

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