Saturday, January 21, 2012

Leadership and Aikido

I am at present ordering some videos for the company where I work, that people can watch to improve leadership and management skills. It was just after I placed the order that I found this great DVD about how the principles of aikido can apply in business life. If you head to the link, you can find a short excerpt from the video. I wish I could have included this one in my order also... However there was another
martial art themed management one, that I did order entitled Judo Strategy. This one is really interesting, also. The speaker talks about the strategy of e-bay and how companies can defeat their stronger opponents by using their own size and power against them.

Just as you learn in the first years of your practice of aikido how to fall, the same way you have to learn in the first years of emplyment how to make mistakes. The young, potential leaders have to take the practice of falling seriously because it is one of the core elements in their developement just as doing ukemi in aikido. And this cannot be done in an organization that is based on command and control. There needs to be room for people to take rist before they get into higher positions. Taking resposibility at an early stage of one's careear is really important in the development of leadership skills.

Anyone out there who has already seen these DVDs?

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