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This blog combines beauty tips and thoughts about aikido. For reference check out some of my posts.
I write posts with reviews of beauty products and tips to all the girls out there.
I also like reviewing items or books that are aikido related.

Should you be interested on seeing your product reviewed on this blog, do not hesitate to contact me. Please be advised that products reviewed will not be returned.

 What is her e-mail?


Will I have to wait for an eternity for her to write that review?

I write at least one post per week, mostly on the weekends. In case you request a review, I will need at least one week to put together the post. In case it is a product, also count with the time I need to try how the product works...daaahh...otherwise what am I reviewing?

Does she have a social network?
Check me out on 

Why should I pick her to review my stuff?

On the one hand because she is such a sympathetic and sweet aikidoka. On the other hand because she is a language and literature graduate who has been doing a lot of creative writing. 

Under all circumstances I will share my honest and sincere opinion about what I review with my readers.

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