Saturday, July 16, 2011

Women's 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan Review - Pixics

In this post, I will be reviewing an item from the online shop Let me just share with you some information about this shop first.

The Pixics Concept

Pixics was founded by husband and wife team, John Kim and Jenny Kim, and built on a foundation of love for anything cool, cute, funny, retro, and nerdy, is an online clothing, accessories, and toys retailer that aims to provide all the stuff you love and at a price that you can afford. They make an effort to not only sell brands that are popular, but to find one of a kind items that can be hard to find else where. As their company grows, they will try to create a community of like minded individuals who can share their thoughts on what direction they want Pixics to go toward. In the end they want to be the online retailer that you're friends with!

Pixics Launch

The Pixics online retail store was opened a month ago, in June and is selling stuff both John and Jenny love. They are gearing their products towards urban fashion that is inspired by basically indie, vintage, retro and geek. Pixics is basically a lifestyle brand and we hand pick items from all over the world and gather it up in one convenient website.

My Review

And now let us take a closer look the the item John has kindly sent for me to review. It is a cardigan sweater that features a 3/4 length puff sleeve with button accents. It is 100% knit elastic cotton. You can find more details about it here. Let's take a closer look to the finishing of this cardigan.

 A sneak peak to the inner sewing

The inner bottom sewing is also a pretty good work

The front buttons

and the sleeve button detail

And now a collage of how it looks like on me worn


You can find them on:


  1. That cardi looks very sweet on you.
    I did a sponsored post for Pixics a while back and enjoyed reading about how the company started.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, Pixics is a really new and fresh initiative. I support a lot what they do!

  3. Oooh!! I love the cardigan! Cute on u! :))

  4. Thank you konayukiss! It used to be on sales for less then 10 dollars. Check out the website, you might find other cute stuff there, too!


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