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A great course about budo and the history of martial arts held at Dharma Gate Buddhist College in Budapest. The presenters were Szabó Balázs, Szemerei Márton and Abe Tetsushi Sensei.

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This winter I am a lot into knitting and doing hand crafted things. Stay tuned for more posts about knit items I made for my friends. I always include the free patterns, too!

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You are a martial artist and you have a story to tell? You have a beauty tip you want to share with everyone? Why not tell it here, on Beauty and Aikido? Any guest post is always welcome. If you want to feature on my blog just leave me a message and I will post your story.

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I love and follow the Asian fashion, skin care and beauty trends. If you are also a big fan of Asian beauty and style, stay tuned for my reviews, tutorials and hauls!

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This is a series of posts where I am presenting different aikido dojos from all over the world. If you want to feature too, do not hesitate to leave me a message.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coco Fashion


I am looking at the moment for online shops that have cute Asian fashion and I found a lot of cute stuff on I can already picture myself in this cute fluffy pullover fro the winter. AWWW so cute! Paired with some nice black leggings and boots it is a really comfy and cute wear. And it also has that lovely lace detail at the bottom. I was browsing for a lot of other stuff, they even have Rilakkuma sports suits with hoodies. A must have! I put a banner on the left hand side you can click on it to check out their clothes. Will let you know in a subsequent post if I end up ordering something from them. 

Training Notes

Beauty and Aikido ©

Hi Everyone!

I would just like to invite you over to my other blog where I write training notes. There you can find details about techniques, the training plan I am following, etc. You can also ask me questions and I also post a lot of beauty and aikido related pictures there. So head here and have fun!

Make sure to follow me there, too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hair Extensions: Yes or No?

Love this youtuber's video about hair extensions. It pretty much makes me want to get some also. What are your experiences with hair extensions? Is it messy to have them and wear them? I would only wear them at parties of occasions. Still need to check the best places where you can get natural looking extensions. If you have any tips just let me know in a comment! I was considering online purchase but you never know if it matches your actual natural hair color. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interview with Shoji Seki Shihan

-guest post from Conexao Aikido

Shoji Seki Shihan was interviewed in September 2011, during the seminar organized by the South American Aikido Confederation, Brazil.
This translation was done by Anne Marie Crisanto-Ruschel, instructor and student at Senshin Dojo – Campinas, Brazil.

Special thanks to Anne Marie for helping us translate this interview into English; now we can share Seki Shihan’s views and thoughts with more individuals from the Aikido community.

Shoji Seki Shihan

Sensei what compelled you to train Aikido?

I saw an Aikido demonstration while I was at the university. It was the university group that gave this demonstration (*) aikido-bu-no. That is where my interest came from.

Could you tell us something about the time when you were an uchi deshi? 

There was nothing special or uncommon about it, only that we trained all day.

Sensei, which Aikido instructors influenced your practice the most?

Once at Hombu Dojo, I was greatly influenced by the second Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Osawa father, Kisaburo Osawa Sensei.

As a second dan you already started to teach at Hombu Dojo. From then on until now, how do you feel about the practice? Have you noticed any major changes in the Aikido practice today?

I am not consciously aware of what changed, but I believe, that with time and practice it must have slowly changed.

What do you consider to be the most important factor of an uchi deshi’s practice?

Yaru ki, sorekara tairyoku.
Yaru ki = to be motivated | Tairyoku = perseverance, drive

What is Hombu Dojo’s role in the development of Aikido worldwide?

I cannot answer to that…

Is there anything specific you emphasize on in your seminars?

I try to demonstrate what I consider to be important. I try to offer what I think to be the best for all of us.

Generally speaking, what do you consider to be the most important part of Aikido practice?

To be diligent and conscientious in one’s practice and regard Aikido as something valuable and important.

During the seminars you have performed around the world, which would be the major differences between the eastern and western practitioners, or if this difference exists?

There are no differences.

What does Budo mean to you?

I don’t know (laughs).

Talking about nature’s principles, people mention ki a lot and energy flow. Could you give us an insight regarding ki and energy flow during Aikido practice?

I have no consciousness about ki or energy flow. I have never had this awareness nor perception. Otherwise, I have always believed that one learns something training eagerly.

How do you see the development of the practitioners here in Brazil since your first visit 7 years ago?

I can see that people are training intensely here. That is good, to be working with dedication and making an effort in practice. As I said before, one has to give importance and value to Aikido and train in a devoted manner, in that way everyone will continue to evolve and have “good” Aikido.

Domo arigato Sensei

Marcelo do Nascimento, Shoji Seki, Shihan,
Elena de Carvalho Stellfeld, International Seminar of Aikido, 2011 (SP)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Young Designers - ChenZ Designs

- guest post by Chen Zucker


I have handcrafted items as a hobby since I was a teenager, but now that my children are grown I have more time for myself. So I started thinking how I could make the hobby I enjoy so much into a profession. Like in many other stories, it all began when I made jewels with charms for myself, and my friends were eager to have some as well.  At first I gave them the jewels I created as presents and was very glad just to see them worn. After that, my friends asked me to make some more for their friends and it became a professional occupation. Now days, I sell my fashion jewelry through my company: 'ChenZ Designs', but I always stick to the main rule I decided on right from the beginning – not to make too many jewels from same design but always to think about innovations – something new and creative. I always afresh and renew my shop with new jewels.

 I believe that the small things around us, makes us happy. To see a new flower in my garden, to have a coffee with a friend, to get out from the house in the morning and to see the sun, etc. If we can appreciate all these small things in our world, we become better persons.
So, I love to have my first coffee in the morning near my flowers in my garden,  and think about the things I have to do that day.

A sunny day fills me with joy and the energy to take some photos of new jewels I've made, a wintry, wet day sends me to my seat in my studio to create new jewels while listening to the music I love.

I believe that all women want to look good and be well-groomed. I decided right from the beginning that my jewels won't be expensive so that everyone who likes them can afford to buy a bracelet or a necklace. This is the main reason why I use silver-plated and gold-plated charms. But in order to give my jewels a unique look, I use high-quality genuine leather cords in many colors, which also allows me to give my jewels a colorful and vibrant look.


I always try to make a varied collection. Some jewels are delicate and feminine while others have a strong presence which says: "here I am". I believe that jewelry has to be multi-functional, but with a special wink, so my jewels can be used with casual wear as well as with an elegant dress. I sell my jewelry to boutiques worldwide, keeping a personal service and communication with my customers.


Chen Zucker is the designer and founder of ChenZ Designs - handmade fashion jewelry company who sells worldwide to fashion boutiques.

The collections are made with very high-quality materials including leather, Swarovski Crystals, and metals plated with sterling silver and 24-karat gold.

ChenZ Designs are statement pieces, created for those who not only care about the look of their designs, but also appreciate the meaning behind them. ChenZ Designs strives to be an affordable line for everyone from the statement-makers to those looking for an accessory representative of who they are. Come have a look!


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