Saturday, November 3, 2012

Young Designers - ChenZ Designs

- guest post by Chen Zucker


I have handcrafted items as a hobby since I was a teenager, but now that my children are grown I have more time for myself. So I started thinking how I could make the hobby I enjoy so much into a profession. Like in many other stories, it all began when I made jewels with charms for myself, and my friends were eager to have some as well.  At first I gave them the jewels I created as presents and was very glad just to see them worn. After that, my friends asked me to make some more for their friends and it became a professional occupation. Now days, I sell my fashion jewelry through my company: 'ChenZ Designs', but I always stick to the main rule I decided on right from the beginning – not to make too many jewels from same design but always to think about innovations – something new and creative. I always afresh and renew my shop with new jewels.

 I believe that the small things around us, makes us happy. To see a new flower in my garden, to have a coffee with a friend, to get out from the house in the morning and to see the sun, etc. If we can appreciate all these small things in our world, we become better persons.
So, I love to have my first coffee in the morning near my flowers in my garden,  and think about the things I have to do that day.

A sunny day fills me with joy and the energy to take some photos of new jewels I've made, a wintry, wet day sends me to my seat in my studio to create new jewels while listening to the music I love.

I believe that all women want to look good and be well-groomed. I decided right from the beginning that my jewels won't be expensive so that everyone who likes them can afford to buy a bracelet or a necklace. This is the main reason why I use silver-plated and gold-plated charms. But in order to give my jewels a unique look, I use high-quality genuine leather cords in many colors, which also allows me to give my jewels a colorful and vibrant look.


I always try to make a varied collection. Some jewels are delicate and feminine while others have a strong presence which says: "here I am". I believe that jewelry has to be multi-functional, but with a special wink, so my jewels can be used with casual wear as well as with an elegant dress. I sell my jewelry to boutiques worldwide, keeping a personal service and communication with my customers.


Chen Zucker is the designer and founder of ChenZ Designs - handmade fashion jewelry company who sells worldwide to fashion boutiques.

The collections are made with very high-quality materials including leather, Swarovski Crystals, and metals plated with sterling silver and 24-karat gold.

ChenZ Designs are statement pieces, created for those who not only care about the look of their designs, but also appreciate the meaning behind them. ChenZ Designs strives to be an affordable line for everyone from the statement-makers to those looking for an accessory representative of who they are. Come have a look!



  1. The jewelry are now with a great price.
    Thank you silvia for the nice post

  2. Great, you are welcome! Hope you get some visitors to check out your gorgeous designs.


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