Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coco Fashion


I am looking at the moment for online shops that have cute Asian fashion and I found a lot of cute stuff on I can already picture myself in this cute fluffy pullover fro the winter. AWWW so cute! Paired with some nice black leggings and boots it is a really comfy and cute wear. And it also has that lovely lace detail at the bottom. I was browsing for a lot of other stuff, they even have Rilakkuma sports suits with hoodies. A must have! I put a banner on the left hand side you can click on it to check out their clothes. Will let you know in a subsequent post if I end up ordering something from them. 


  1. Hi Sylvia thanks for sharing this website - the prices are great! :)

    I'm having trouble signing in to comment on Blogger blogs using my iPad so have signed in as "anonymous" - but this is Sarah from a beautiful story :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sarah. Indeed the prices are great, so I am pretty much thinking of offering myself some Christmas gifts from their site. All the fashion is so adorable. Cannot find anything similar to that here in Europe.


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