Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Seaside Holiday Routine

When you are reading this post I am most probably here (follow the red arrow ^_^):

When I was having shower today, I remembered that I had some tips for things you can do for your skin while you shower. So here is what I use during my holiday:

It is not just shower gels and shampoo, but also scrubs and exfoliators. I have two exfoliators:
  • Yves Rocher for the face
  • Alverde exfoliator for the feet
Routine for the Face

It is really important to remove sunscreen at the end of the day or whenever you return home from the beach. It can clog your pores just as much as any foundation, powder, bronzer or any product you apply on your face. So the best thing to to is to remove it with a makeup remover when you get home. During the shower, in order to make sure that you remove any residual sunscreen remains, do use an exfoliator. I am using the Yves Rocher one I have been talking about in this video also.

Routine for the Feet

From walking on the sandy beach, your feet might lose their softness and elasticity and accumulate this layer of tough dead cells that is really unaesthetic. In order to prevent this form happening, during the shower, grab an exfoliator for the feet and make sure you get rid of all the dead cells. What also helps is moisturizing deeply after the shower. I use Neutrogina moisturizers mostly and then pull some socks over my feet to facilitate the absorption. If you try this, make sure to use 100% cotton socks. It is a bit warm for the summer but a couple of hours are worth it and the results will not fail to come.

So these were the tips I could think of for you. Hope you found them useful! Let me know if you have other ones in a comment below.


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