Saturday, June 9, 2012

Caught between Müller and the Dojo

I like shopping in Müller a lot. There are so many good things in there. I am also planning to purchase some day and night creams there when I run out of the ones from Yves Rocher that I have now. So many brands can be found in Müller. From drugstore cheap stuff to high end Dior and Chanel makeup and skincare. All your heart desires. So I went for the cheaper makeup stuff that I was already planning to buy for a longer time. Yesterday, I arrived to the dojo half an hour earlier than I should have. That was why I decided to just spend some fun time among the makeup counters and maybe buy something I have been planning longer ago to get.

I have been hearing good things on YouTube about this bronzer from Catrice. I liked it because it is not shimmery but matte. I tried to take a good close-up so you can see the texture of the bronzer also. You can also double click on the picture to get an ever better close-up.

I have really few blushes, about 2 or three, so I have been considering for a longer time to add some new blushes to my pallet. I always hesitate what color it should be, which would fit me better. When I saw this pretty and discrete blush with more shades in it, I decided to buy it. You can either swirl your brush in it and use the mixture of all the colors or just pick up the upper colors for blush and use the bottom light color as a high-liter.

Last but not least, I walked by the Artdeco counter. The design of their makup containers is absolutely lovely. I really liked the packaging, but the fancy patterns make the make-up articles from Artdeco cost a bit more than Catrice or Essence products. However I think the quality of the product itself is quite similar, so I just kept back from the time being...but I might find myself buying one of their blushes or eye shadows :) What really caught my eye, and about which I thought it was worth buying, was this nail polish. I guess you all had those moments when you look at the nails of someone else, and the nail polish is so even, shiny and great looking.

I was always longing to get that look. I tried the Essence Gel nails topcoat, which worked partially but was still not the real thing. Finally yesterday I found this great ceramic polish. Never heard of anything similar until now. I was really happy with the result and will buy it in other shades also. I think it approaches high end Dior and Chanel quality and costs not more than 5 Euros. The color will fit my butterfly dress perfectly and I am looking forward to buy some more bold summery colors from the same ceramic nail range.

YAY! Looking forward SUMMER! What about you? Do you use more bold colored makeup and nail polish in summer?

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