Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tell Me about Yourself Award

Hi everyone! Some weeks ago when I opened my email, I just saw this nice message from Viki, that she had a surprise for me. I checked it out, and there it was! The first award my blog ever got from one of its readers. I filled me with super much joy and I want to thank her for thinking of me when she was doing the nominations. I get excited about any comment, but this comment made me especially happy. And so I went to her blog and checked out what it was exactly. There I found out I was to share more fun facts about myself an nominate other bloggers for the award. Love these tags, it reminds me of that other tag I did about the nightstand of a minimalist :P

1. Thank the one who nominated you and post a link back to that person.
2. Write 7 different things about yourself, it can be anything. 
3.  Give the award to 15 other bloggers.

Here are 7 facts about me:

1. I love having a bath in a bath tub
2. I like learning foreign languages
3. I love all things Japanese: cosmetics, movies, the language, the food <3
4. I like cooking
5. I usually chat on shared talk to practice the languages I am learning
6. I paint my toe nails in summer
7. I change the ringtone on my mobile phone all the time

And now papapapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaa, I am naming the 15 other bloggers to which I am offering this award. It took so long because I was so lazy to search for the links, but today I opened my google reader and collected the following:

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