Friday, June 1, 2012

Aikido Readings

As many other aikidoka, I also read texts about aikido frequently. Many times they help me keep motivated and they are really pleasant and relaxing readings for me. I have also made some readings from aikido books on my youtube channel, if you are interested you can go ahead and check them out. Now I was surfing on reddit, where they have this aikido subreddit that I really like and I found an interesting book about aikido. This will be the subject of further reading to me. The title is Life in Three Easy Lessons. I like these types of books a lot because it helps you get in touch with your inner self better. We are living in a world where everybody is running and has so many things to do, we are multi-tasking and think that we are living our lives to the fullest, but when do we really take our time to look at ourselves, to really see the context we are living in. I guess we just need to take some time for ourselves also and take things easy. What I want to say can be expressed very well by a story a friend told me not long ago. He attended this meditation camp. They were doing several meditation exercises for long hours. He was explaining me that it was really difficult and sometimes even really uncomfortable. The camp took place in the woods, and he was experiencing something really pleasant after the meditations. He was feeling that he was there and then, in the middle of the woods. He was aware of himself and his environment. This is the level of awareness and sharpness I am thinking about. People used to have this but it is getting blunter and blunter in our hectic society.


  1. Hi Silvia this sounds very interesting! I will check out your YouTube channel! I used to train in taekwondo for several years - whilst they are clearly different martial arts there is overlap in the philosophical aspects which I really enjoyed. (Long story short - I stopped training due to my club moving to a very different style which didn't fit with my views.)

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment! I checked out your blog, it is really nice. Maybe you can return to martial arts ar some point. You should try aikido! I like this martial art a lot. Will be posting some more stories from the dojo.


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