Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Nightstand of a Minimalist

^.^y I got tagged by Elle, you know when someone writes a post or does a video about something and you are supposed to do the same. I like the blog and videos of Elle a lot. She does pretty straight forward and really detailed reviews that I enjoy reading and watching. The tag is called What's on My Nightstand. Apparently at this chapter it is not my most girly side that comes to light. I just thought I would take a picture of my nightstand just as it looks right now, at 2 p.m.

My nightstand is in fact a metallic chair with a Sony dream machine on it that wakes me up every morning (except weekends) at 6:15. Right near it is a metallic spotlight at the light of which I am reading at the moment two great books from the Japanese library: The Paper Door and Other Stories by Shiga Naoya and Best Aikido. The Fundamentals by Kisshomaru and Moriteru Ueshiba. I will do some voice recordings soon from the letter. And voila the whole picture:

And a close-up with the spotlight:

If I had more stuff lying around near me I probably could not get sleep. I am a big fan of simplicity and because of that of Japanese interiors. I sometimes look at albums in the library with Japanese interior decoration and I love it a lot. I am aware that the average Japanese live in small spaces where everything is crammed together. I have seen pictures of that, too. But what I am talking about is the pictures of clean and simple interiors that are supposed to inspire you. These pictures are more or less works of arts in themselves. I love the poetry of the empty spaces as it appears in interior decoration, just as much as I admire it in haikus or ikebana. Here is a sample of simple and clean interior decoration:


So now it is time for me to tag the blog I love and would love to see what the nightstands of these bloggers look like.


  1. is it weird i think it's hilarious that your clock is in military time ^^? and i must agree about minimalism....i love having lots of floor space and clean white walls .... i'd like to have a lot of windows too to let in a lot of natural sunlight. I quite like that white chair in the example pic you put up - but that shag rug would drive me nuts. I prefer hardwood floors. the idea of vacuuming that rug makes me cringe ><

  2. Hi Elle! Yeah we use military time in Europe a lot. I got used to it as a kid...Come to think of the rug in the last might be right. But I guess it must be so comfy to walk bare-feet on it.


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