Saturday, June 4, 2011

Five Reasons Why you Should Visit a Cosmetician...Right Now


Hi Everyone! I am writing now a post in which I would like to highlight the importance of visiting a cosmetician. 

1. Prevention

In fact you should first go to a cosmetician when you are around 14, 15 years old. That is when girlst start to break out and start having issues with their skin. At this stage, you are making a preventive move. The cosmetician will tell you what type of skin you have. She will also tell you what creams you should use as a start and how to choose later when you will buy your own creams.While a teen, your skin is still young and regenerating without having to be helped too much. However it is your responsibility to keep it clean.

2. Thorough Cleaning

You will never be able to clean your skin from impurities so well as a specialist can do it for you. She will use professional products and tools and give you the best and most suitable treatment. I am not saying that it is not painful but the results are really worth the suffering.

3. Find out more about your skin

The face you have is the one with which you will get old, so you should be interested in finding out more about it. A cosmetician will be able to answer all your questions and concerns while working on your skin. She will reveal you your imperfections and your positive traits. She can also recommend you what vitamins to take, that is how well certain lacks of vitamins can show on your skin. Remember you can help your skin be more beautiful from the outside but from the inside as well!

4. Seasonal Skincare

I must confess I was planning for long to visit the cosmetician since the weather got warmer. It became an urgency now as my summer holiday is approaching. One thing you don't want to do is to go and sunbathe with a skin filled with impurities. You will tan, but the impurities will also burn into your skin. So when summer comes, a skin cleaning session is a must. My cosmetician also advised me to get back to her as soon as I am back from holiday for a hydrating session. She is such a sweetie.

5. You are basically getting a new face

If you haven't had your skin cleared yet by a professional you cannot even imagine how great difference it makes. You sure look dreadful and your face is red in the few couple of hours after the session, but later on you will just look in the mirror astonished of the result. Your skin will not only be cleaner but brighter also. You will be completely satisfied by the new face that was there all the time but hiding and waiting to be brought to light. It is that simple! An that will give you the certitude that all the suffering was worth doing.

^^y I hope this article helped you! Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask. Also feel free to share experiences with your visits to a cosmetician in the comments. ^^y


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