Friday, June 3, 2011

The Voice of Aikido- Ukemi

Another voice recording this time Chapter 4 from The Principles of Aikido by Mitsugi Saotome (1989 p.23-25)

As a beginner one of the first things you will learn in aikido is ukemi. It is used in aikido in order to prevent injuries when you are thrown. This voice material presents further explanations about the uke nage relationship and about ukemi. I cannot emphasize the importance on ukemi in the aikido training. The excerpt I am reading in this recording states it once again that taking the ukemi is not a break during doing techniques but an opportunity to improve it. Seeing how it feels like being thrown can make you understand better how the given technique is best performed. I think all of you already experienced how different it is to be thrown by a beginner or an advanced aikidoka. From person to person it is also different. From being gently rolled to finding yourself flying across the dojo, that is how varied ukemi can be. You can find further reading about ukemi here

My opinion is that the only way you can improve your ukemi is practicing it a lot. My ukemi started improving slightly when I went to my first summer aikido training camp

Please share with in a comment me how you improved your ukemi.

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The Voice of Aikido


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