Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gel Nails Tutorial- Purple Grape

A quick tutorial of how to make these great 
grape colored
gel nails. 

You need to apply first an UV gel Base coat. Then the two coats of colored nail polish by Crystal Nails. You can do it yourself also. However it is always easier if someone does it for you because you need to take care and be precise. In my case it is always my mother who does the gel nails and we can can chitchat in the mean while.

The positive thing about Gel Nails is that they last much longer than normal nail polishes. They are also shock resistant and do not chop that easily. In my case I type a lot the whole day at work and then do the break-falls on the tatami at aikido, but the gel nails still resist at least one week. Usually I get tired of the color sooner then it starts to chop and I remove them. For the removal technique check out my How to Remove Gel Nails post and video. This removal technique is my most popular video on YouTube.

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