Sunday, May 29, 2011

Connection with your Training Partner

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After reading so much from the Principles of Aikido, my mind got set on a number of concepts and I tried to concentrate more on the trainings. Luckily I got to train with another focused aikidoka and it felt great. There was that great connection I rarely felt before. Because of that I would say I was performing the techniques better than usual. At a certain point, during the training, Sensei started to show us one of the techniques. As we went slowly down to seiza the aihanmi grip got disconnected in such a smooth and polite manner. Respecting and paying attention to your training partner are essential in martial arts. It was a moment of musubi.

I am trying to pay as much attention to my training partner at the moment as I can. I know that I am still not the best uke from many points of view. My falls are not secure enough, I don´t follow the nage as best as I can. As for when I execute a technique, I still need a lot of guidance. I observe the others with whom I train and am aware of the fact that they go ahead and do it, until their movements adapt and are similar to what Sensei has shown us. As for myself I am still way too insecure, but I know that I need to just go on with my training to get better.

Connecting with your training partner implies acceptance and openness. Not long ago Sensei split us up into two rows and we were changing partners on the go. It was an interesting experience. On had to adapt and resonate with another aikidoka every say five minutes. From shodan, to little frail girl, to energetic teen, to rough sailor. I had to deal with each of them and they with me. It was like an energy flow, an interesting mix.

What is your experience, how do you connect with your training partner in the dojo?

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