Sunday, May 1, 2011

To all the Short-Sighted out There!

Beauty and Aikido ©

I am writing this post, to all the short-sighted out there who have been skeptical about contact lenses. So have I been for so many, many years. I started wearing glassed at around the age of 16. From that moment on I thought nobody would find me attractive. Paradoxically enough the same year I got to know my first big love, but that is another story.

Google out my goggles

So don't be silly, glasses do not make you look less attractive. You can have so much fun with different frames and styles. I must admit however, that as a teen having to wear glasses was tough. I always felt most people were seeing the frame and not the person behind it. To this day, I still feel like people I get into superficial contact with, remember me as somebody with glasses. This on the other hand it is kind of OK also, because you probably know the cliché: glasses make you look smarter.

In contact with the lenses

Contact lenses have been for long years a no go for me. I was really put off by the idea that I would have something applied directly on my retina. I din't really like the idea of having to pun my fingers into my eyes when putting it on and off. But there came that certain breakthrough point when I said I will try it.

Out of the fog, into the ligt

That certain point came because of aikido. At trainings I saw everything really blurry because I was not wearing glasses. There are people who wear glasses on the trainings. I personally felt it would hinder my freedom on movement and spoil the fun. I would have been concerned all the time about whether my glasses were about to fall off or not during a roll. So after briefly consulting with one of the senpai, I went there and bought those lenses. It opened a brand new dojo for me. The walls, the pictures, the clock in the dojo. The people's faces during the training: all these small thing became crystal clear. Training became a whole other experience. I am not sure how many of you can follow me, but I would persuade all the short sighted out there to give it a try.

I was mesmerized when I first put the lenses on. I could move my sight in all directions without being restricted by a frame. Because of that I could observe my environment in a different light. One of the most important teachings of aikido is indeed this perceiving of oneself in the context of one's environment. The lenses pushed me a small step forward towards progressing in that.

Beauty and Aikido ©


All in all, I will not drop my glasses and wear lenses only. There are several reasons. On the one hand I work a lot on a computer, which dries my eyes. My eyes dry even quicker when I wear lenses. On the other hand were I to go to a job interview or i do a presentation, I might be tending to wear the glasses to have a more professional look (back to the smart-ass cliché, but watch out you might lose points in the team player category!) I adapt to my different activities:

Work and chilling at home, writing my blog (like right now),etc.- mostly glasses.

Free time, going for a walk on a sunny day in order to put on cute sunglasses, aikido training, date, whenever I want my make-up to stand out - lenses.

Ah...what the heck girls, the guys don't notice anyway... Sometimes I get the feeling we girls among ourselves notice it much better.


  1. Hey, I followed your link from one of the problogger posts and I found this post was quite interesting, even though I don't wear glasses or contact lenses myself.

    You do have a great blog so I would imagine it would be quite disheartening to not of yet received any comments. I do hope you are still posting blogs, as I would most likely read them from time-to-time.

    Just a quick tip, and please don't take any offense from this - I think it might be a good idea to just revise your posts before you actually post them, as I am able to find one or two errors. I don't mean to sound like someone who tries to point out all of your flaws, I just thought after reading the blog at problogger, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some feedback.

    I am also sorry if my typing is not the best as I am typing this from an iPhone, and I tend to make a lot of errors as I find the keys too small.

    I haven't yet got round to checking, but if you are still posting, I look forward to following your adventures.

    Yours Sincerely,

  2. Thank you! This comment meant a lot to me. My internet was down for a few days and I was able to take a short look at your comment just at work. I was really looking forward to replying to it. Regarding the errors you are completely right. I do check my spelling a lot, but I am not a native and I tend to write my posts at night after work or on weekends. I know that is not an excuse. I will try harder. Happy to hear that you will be following me! I have some voice recordings about aikido you can listen at the bottom of the page or on my Youtube channel. And lots of posts to come!


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