Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Decide if Mineral Foundation Makeup is a Useful Product for your Skin

 -a guest post by M. Rochell

Finding the suitable mineral foundation makeup for beautiful skin coverage can enhance and even your natural skin discoloration. Mineral foundations are usually a powder formula that is produced from a mix of cornstarch and different minerals. There is a number of different formulas you can choose from. You should do some research in order to determine which suits you best. This post can help you in doing that.

The ideal of a mineral foundation got going in the 70s. It was to give the skin a clearer, fragrance free, dye free and binding-free product. The item was intended to be gentle on the skin and not cause any irritation. Some brands have managed to make a foundation that closely resembles many of these goals.

Some of the products provide a coverage that does not meet the normal coverage level, so it is better to go to a store where different mineral foundations can be purchased and try them on. Mineral foundations are not known for giving good wrinkle coverage and may not be the best choice for acne or rosacea. Since there are differing opinions, trying it out is the best way to understand how it will work for you.

Reading the labels is very important with regards to mineral makeup. When it says pure or only minerals you should still read the fine print. Sometimes these claims are not entirely true. Even though they are true, there might be very irritating elements in the makeup.

The sun block that is found in a lot of foundations is not included in a mineral foundation. This is something that each wearer needs to be aware of and take precautions for. Wearing a sun block under the foundation can provide it a very different look and feel.

There are many other mineral-based products on the market other than foundation. You can find eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, finishing powders and even mascaras. The options are numerous if you are fond of the mineral-based skin care products. Some companies sell mineral products included in their manufacturer product line, while others concentrate only on the mineral-based products.

A lot of people think that mineral-based foundations are cruelty-free products. This is usually not the case. Some of the products are not tested on animals; however the brushes may be made of rabbit’s fur. So, if this is a concern to you, you need to do some research before buying any mineral-based products.

The most essential things to remember about the mineral foundation makeup is that it is very individualized. There are many different beliefs concerning the makeup: for example that it isn't good for darker skin tones or it isn't good for wrinkles. The simplest way to try it is to go to a store where they let you try the product on. It is more affordable than buying several brands and looking them. This will enable you to talk to an educated sales person about your skin and coloring. You might want to put it on all day before you buy a specific brand so you are aware how it lasts and how it looks in various lights.

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