Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katatedori: Ikkyo Ude Osae, Sumi-Otoshi, Kubinage

I am just reviewing some of the techniques we did on the last training. It was the first training where I had the contact lenses on. It barely bothered me as I was more masmarized by the fact that I can finally clearly see what was happening in the dojo.

At the beginning I was concerned the lenses could not remain in place at falls or something, but in the end it was all OK. It was really a new exciting feeling to get out of the blurry world I was training in.

We did a tough warm up, but I really loved the way senpai was leading it. She has some sort of freshness and positivity all around herself that maintains a pleasant atmosphere. She is also really good at catching the attention of kids and making them listen to her, which is, we must admit, not an easy task. Even though she still has some trouble tying her hakama she is the sweetest. So thanks to her kindly texting me on the next morning, I once again have the name of the techniques we did on that training:

1. Katatedori ikkyo ude osae, basis of all fixing techniques in aikido:

We always do the techniques from omote and ura. It was the case this time also.

2. Sumi-otoshi- omote, ura

I sill have to work on the uke part with the following while tori is doing the tenkans. Gentlemen (to quote this exquisite Sensei), let´s enjoy another demonstration of Kumaaikido´s Sensei. Still investigating his exact name as it did not become clear from the dojo´s site either.

3. Kubinage- omote, ura

This technique caused me a light injury I still have on the chin. Sensei was demonstrating on me and his gi rubbed to my chin and scratched it. I have not found the most suitable video that would give back the way we were doing the technique. Might be that its name is somewhat different. Do read my post on the aikido effect to see why at this stage I am still so unfamiliar with the names of the techniques. I am not sure what specific martial art is the following video demonstrating. However, it is the closest video I have found to how we were doing it, in aikikai without the fall of the tori together with the uke:

Should anybody have an aikikai aikido video for this technique (might be that the name of the technique is somewhat different that is why I have not found the right video) do not hesitate to write a comment or a message.

Thank you!

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