Sunday, April 10, 2011

❀Spring is Here! Treatment against Cellulite❀

YAY!❀ Spring is here, sun is shining! I already bought a cute short skirt and want to look at my best in it. As I consider my thighs one of my problem areas, I do use additional products that can make it look better. In this video I wanted to present one of the products that I use to get firmer thighs. You can lie to yourself and say you get rid of cellulite with massage and creams, but it is of course not going to happen. Anti-cellulite creams are to be combined with a balanced nutrition and with regular sports. Most of the people I know go working out or running. These are sports really few people genuinely enjoy. So what I have been observing is that most people around me enthusiastically start training and in two weeks when I ask again how they are doing, they say they stopped...for a while. Of course because they are too busy or too tired. People thinking like this will never do regular sports, although there might be a hope for them. Keep on reading to find out. They keep lying to themselves, that next time you will be disciplined. The only solution for them is so close and they don't even notice it!

it is
true passion 
for a certain sport that cannot be beaten by any promise of quickly losing pounds or centimeters 

All in all, use creams try working out, but best is to find that sport that really fits your personality and stick to it. Be it swimming, basketball, or even martial arts, do it not just for the sake of burning fat, but for the people you meet there, because you can learn more about yourself and to feel you are making progress in something and becoming richer as a person. Remember, you have been given this life in this body. It is such a shame to disrespect and mistreat it!


  1. Right summer is right in front opf us and we want to look perfectly, that's why a cellulite treatment is welcome in this period. I heard about a brand new Venus Freeze Mississauga cellulite treatment that they say is better than velashape.Has anyone tried this freezing treatment, or heard about it?

  2. Hi Avril! Thanks for your comment! I have heared of similar treatments at beauty clinics. I find this rather intrusive for my age. I am still ok with creams and training regularly. At the moment I would say I would not try it out. If there is anybody who tried it please feel free to share impressions.

  3. I read a lot of stuff about cellulite and even if Cellulean reviews mentioned these creams won't eliminate it completely I love how it makes my cellulite appear less noticeable.

  4. Thanks for the comment Leann! I also love that these creams leave your skin nice and smooth. As I mentioned you need a good diet and sports to eliminate cellulite.


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