Friday, April 1, 2011

About Weapon Techniques and Who Needs a Prince

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I am finally officially 5 kyu. It is written and signed in a little blue notebook. I didn't really care about what grade I would be and what results I would reach when I started aikido. The whole fuss came because Sensei was pushing us to pass the exams. My attitude somewhat changed now and am really determined to take it more and more seriously. But enough about seriousness and let me spice this post up with a bit of whimsicality.

This week I was wearing an OPI nail polish and it remained almost the training.Unbelievable but true, the Who Needs a Prince nail-polish resisted all the hardships of whole day tiping in the office and training.
Usually no normal nail polish resists. It is only the gel nail polish that survived a whole week on my nails. So I would give an A+ to this nail polish. I never thought that it would be this good. I saw lots of girls raving about it on YouTube, but was not really convinced. I will for sure do a review and some looks with the nail polishes and some other little nail art decorations I got.

Back to training, this week we were doing a lot of techniques from ryotedori: tenchi-nage, kokyu-nage, shiho-nage. I still cannot remember all the names of the techniques so a sempai girl who already wears hakama sometimes helps me and sends them to me.

☆Thanks again.★
I will make sure and watch the techniques on YouTube again on the weekend. I consider that I can many times learn from them also. However nothing compares to the actual training.

Today we have training with weapons.I am a bit weak at techniques with weapons. At the beginning I did not really take it seriously. At my previous dojo it was not practiced. Many dojos don´t practice any catas or techniques with weapons.
So I sort of skipped Friday trainings almost all the time. The moment I really got to know the weaponed techniques was in the summer training camp.

However this Friday I will not be there either, as I am going to a great Japanese dinner at a restaurant. It will be great. Some traditional foods will be prepared and a short story will be presented for each and every one.
Will make some fotos and keep you posted on that also!

Some of the videos I watched to observe the techniques better:




My nails in Who Needs a Prince

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