Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bath Stuff

I decided to talk about some items I use to bathe. I like the relaxing effect of these products and wanted to share with you some opinions. You can also witness my wonderful cover of Hot Stuff as an intro and as an ending theme. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. It is my least edited video that I filmed with my web-cam ^.^y

Bath stuff presented:

1. Oxana, Melisse- Kräuter-Kur-Bad
2. DM, Balea- Bademomente Sense of Japan
3. DM, Balea- Bademomente Sense of India
4. Kneipp, Wacholder- Muscle Relaxing Effervescent Bath-Juniper
5. Tetesept- Oriental Hamam Bath
6. Ilex- Italian Bath Salt (the randome yellow salt)

I use body oils and butters to moisturize after bath. Before I started aikido, I went swimming regularly. I sometimes skipped using body creams and realized my skin got really dry. Water in swimming pools is being disinfected with chloride. This is really harmful and aggressive to your skin. The only thing you can do against it is wash it off thoroughly with a shower gel and immediately moisturize. In summer I still swim a lot because I love being in the water, so my skin needs a lot of hydrating. Here are the products I talked about it the  video.

1. Naturland- Body Massage Oil
2. Body Butter- Avocado Olive
3. DM, Balea- Body Butter for dry skin, Coconut

~~ Hi again to my viewers from Germany, especially if there are some from Würzburg!~~

I am wearing no make-up in the video ^.^ that's how brave I am!
My nails are Crystal Gel Nails, my mother made that lasted for more than a week intact. I also made a video of how to remove them. Post about that coming up also.

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