Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aikido Basics and my Small Frustrations

When I was taking the exam for the 6th and 5th kyu together, I did quite a number of things incorrectly. On the training seminar this weekend I found out which were the ones put down on paper by the examiners.

One of them was shomenuchi ikkyo, as it is a very important basic technique I was supposed to repeat it until I can do it correctly and show it to the examining board. This is the technique:

I failed to make it out of several reasons: incorrect foot movement, not sitting on the toes when pinning, etc.

The second one was katatedori iriminage:


Here I failed to find the irimi point, instead of pushing the chin I was pushing the neck. In ura I was not keeping the atemi and so on.
Third technique I had to present again was aihanmi sihonage. 


I was not keeping my hands in front of me, not controlling efficiently. 

I also had to repeat the 4 jo katas but apparently I was not holding the jo correctly. I didn't even have the chance to show once again the 12 jo kata, because I was sent back to repeat all and give it one more try. I got really frustrated about this and came home. 

I suppose this is not the best example and definitely not one to follow, but shared this post with you to let you know that you might always have your ups and down in aikido like in everything in life. Maybe next time...

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