Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Blog Layout and New Background

☆~~Hi All!~~★

I have been struggling to find the most appropriate blog background and the best layout since the beginning when I started blogging. At present I am experimenting with this new eye popping violet one. I would like my layout and background to be in harmony with my content. I would also like it to enhance the value of the content. Please share with me how you have chosen your blog background and why do you think it represents you the best.

For me up until now the stages were as follows:

1. Plain blogger template- nothing creative, just using the template at hand and starting writing my content.

2. Shabby blog template- it was cute for a while but then I found it too drab for my personality

3. Cutest blog template- new, energetic, attractive

I might one day design my own blog background. Is there anyone among you that has already done that? Please post a link of your blog in the comments and I will check it out and share opinion on it with you. Now you also have the chance to vote for a week whether you like my new background or not. I will take your votes into consideration!

What I am also trying out is a signature. I created it yesterday and will be using it on the bottom of my blogs.

Update: The majority voted that my design is: More lively then the previous one.
Thanks for those who voted! 

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