Monday, March 7, 2011

Cosmetic Calculator

Buying cosmetics online is always more comfortable that walking around huge shopping centers. In the mean time you need to be really careful about what you are buying and always double check. We are talking about products you are going to use on your face and that can cause irritations, redness, infections and what not.

This is one of the eye creams I bought from StrawberryNET. I like buying cosmetics online from time to time. On the one hand because they are many times cheaper, on the other because there is a much wider range to choose from. What I also like in online shopping is that one can look at many products from home, check reviews and impressions about products and then decide. Until now I ordered some cosmetics from StrawberryNET and from e-bay. In the case of cosmetics bought online, one should always be really careful. There can be cases where they have long been staying on the shelves and expired.

Where can I check whether my product has expired or not?

In order to make sure your product is still ok, you can check the date of production on sites like this:

All you need to do is identify the batch number and enter it on the site above, or a similar one.

What is a batch?

Cosmetics, just as many other products, are produced in batches. A number is assigned to each batch and with with the help of this number you can identify among others the production date and the shelf life. This batch number should be either on the container or on the outer packaging.

In normal case, you should get the shelf life of the product and how long it is still OK to be used.

What do I do if the product expired?

Should it be the case that your product has expired just stay calm. There is always a solution! What you need to do is contact the customer service or the person you bought from on the internet. You need to place a reclamation and are entitled in this case to a refund.

~~Take care of your skin beauties!~~

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