Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dior Travel Palette

I have always admired the gorgeous palette Dior can create. I finally decided to buy a palette for myself.

It is a travel palette with several gorgeous colors. I opted for this one, because a normal size palette has a lot more of one single color and I am not likely to use up that much. In this one I have the basic colors I use to set my eyeliner: black and brown, several light colors for the inner eye corner.

The blue I can use with some outfits. Pink is always nice and the golden colors also. So this is just the perfect palette for me. I will use it really often. You can see the beautiful shimmers in the next picture I took while the sun was shining.

Another close-up 

The applicators are from a soft sponge. I will use them for sure also in parallel with my brushes.

And now the well deserved swatches:


Really shimmery and pigmented, just as the other side of the palette

~~Can't wait to do some looks with it! ^.^y~~

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