Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tracking your Orders

A post for my Hungarian readers basically, but it can be applied to other countries also that cannot be tracked directly through StrawberryNet. It is really important for you to track your orders, on the first hand because you will not stand and wait for it to arrive without even knowing that it was never dispatched. On the other hand I like tracking the order because of the thrill of it, to see what stages are still left until the cute little package of goodies reaches me.

As you already know I have ordered some more stuff from StrawberryNet and now I will describe how I usually track an order. It is pretty easy, but I just thought it might help if you are not used to doing this.

First you get a mail with  number that looks like this and a link where you can track it:
Order #:1130736047
This is a sort of order confirmation number.
Then you also get a tracking number

Track this parcel: RB297705187HK

In some of the countries you just need to click on the tracking number, select your country and you are directly connected to the tracking of the parcel. For Hungary, the Magyar Posta will help you in this next step.



For Hungary and a number of other countries, you have to go to the homepage of the postal services in your country. In Hungary you can track it the parcel here. This is what the tracking information will look like. My parcel landed already in Hungary and I am really close to getting it.



Oh boy, oh boy! Hope it arrives on Monday. However with this rainy weather it is not very likely that I would need a high SPF protection.


Update: On 23.03 I was able to pick up my stuff from the post office. Under the motto: Trust is good but double checking is better, I immediately checked the validity with the cosmetic calculator. I found out that the Estée Lauder BB Cream will expire in June 2013 (produced in June 2010) and the Shiseido Sun Protection Stick was manufactured in 2009 and will expire in 2012. I also used them each day since they arrived. Will review them soon!

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