Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Aikido Effect. Techniques and their Names

There are a lot of new words you learn once you start aikido. One cold say this is one of the effects of aikido on you but for sure not the only one. As the names of the techniques are in Japanese it is rather hard to keep them in mind and for a beginner they are rather overwhelming. At the moment I am there where I at least know the name of the attacks (which are of course much easier and less numerous then the neutralizing techniques). I still find it hard to keep in mind the names of the techniques we practice. Today we did a lot of things from ushiro katatedori and katadori menuchi, (these are some names of grabs) but I could not tell what the names of the techniques were. This is really bothering to me and I tried to do something against is. I sometimes watch YouTube techniques on the web and try to memorize the names. Some other aikidoka from the dojo suggested I should write a training jurnal...but how? As soon as I get home, I forget the names. All in all, I am having a lot of fun at this training camp. It is the first one where I can really enjoy myself, because I can fall better and don't have severe pain in any part of my body. Earlier, when I fell really badly, it was hard to pull throught a three hour training. But now I can enjoy it and pay attention to the details. Maybe at a certain point I will remember the names of the techniques also. Tomorrow the seminar is continuing and there will be some exams also. I am not taking one this time because one needs a lot more knowledge to be 4kyu.

Update: In the end I was supposed to take an exam to correct errors from earlier. See my post about that here.

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