Saturday, December 15, 2012

4th Kyu Preparation - Salami Slice Approach IV


I cannot estimate any more when I will be taking this exam unfortunately. It has happened that I did not attend the winter training camp from various reasons. Then I just received a mail that in the next camp, only those can take an exam who have participated on the winter camp, so there go my hopes out the window. But the salami slice approach continues.

The topic of this post will be kote gaeshi. For the 4th kyu exam you have to execute it from aihanmi katatedori, katatedori, shomenuchi and yokomenuchi. However I am pretty sure that our Sensei will be asking for kotegaeshis executed from a number of other attacks, too. What we did this week we paired up in groups of three and ukes could attack the way they wanted. Tori had to execute techniques, as always it had to be nage waza and not osae waza, that is you had to perform a throw and not a pin. I did not do well with the shoulder and elbow grabs, so I need to practice that. Not too many videos found on elbow and shoulder grabs, so I will just have to stick with my training and pay more attention.

 Let's see how Monsieur Tissier does it from aihanmi katatedori.

And some footage from one of our summer camps:

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