Saturday, June 1, 2013

Presenting Aikido Dojos - Aikido in Oberhausen and New Orleans

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Hi Everyone!

I made a call to all people out there who would like to share stories about their dojos and about where and with what people they train. I have received already mails from to different dojos.

The fist is in Germany and it is called Aikido in Oberhausen. You can visit their website and their Facebook page to find out more about them:

Another dojo that contacted me is from the USA, more exactly New Orleans and they also have this amazing video about their dojo. I find it really inspiring for any aikido practitioner.

Aikido of New Orleans -The martial art of power and movement from Aikido of New Orleans on Vimeo.

My invitation still stays open. If you are an aikido practitioner, have a story to share or want to tell us about your dojo, feel free to contact me! Any material is very much welcome. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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