Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Biomechanics and Aikido

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Reader Advisory: Beware as I am getting really scientific in this post :) 

A PE teacher with physics background made a great experiment

He has proven through an experiment that students who understand the mechanics of Aikido perform a lot better the various techniques. Also using aikido in teaching mechanics appeared to be a much more effective approach then the conventional ones. I really believe that learning through experimenting is really important. The principles from physics were learned easier though experimenting with aikido, but also your aikido can get better if you understand its mechanics. However you can only get better if you keep on trying and experimenting. And this is a really interesting path you can try out by reading about it or talking to friends who have a background in physics. You also need to keep open and eager to learn more and more. So I am offering you a new opportunity to learn more about aikido. Here you can find the entire article about the research:

If you read it, let me know about your feed-backs. Would be really interested what you think! Were you convinced or do you think it is just another of those weird experiments from which one has no gains?

Planning to Teach Aikido?

It could be also an interesting article for those who at some point want to teach aikido. I am sure that one can not only perform but also explain a technique much better if he or she fully understands how the technique works.

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