Friday, October 25, 2013

The Warrior's Path

I have been dreaming for a long time to get some theoretical knowledge of the history of martial arts. Half a year ago I found a whole study line and was seriously considering to apply for a 3 year BA program which was focusing on aikido and martial arts. But it has been discontinued. Then this opportunity came. I just saw a post that you can win a 2 month course about martial arts. All I had to do was answer to an easy question:

What is the literal meaning of Sensei?
Answer: "person born before another"

So I just hit the right answer submitted and a few days later, before going to bed, I was checking my e-mail with sleepy eyes. An e-mail came noticing me that I won one of the free admissions to the two month course. I was so happy, just jumping and singing!

So today I am soon heading to the third Seminar. So far we discussed a lot of the historical background and I am hoping we are soon getting to the martial arts part. The main teacher is Szabó Balázs whom I have presented to you in a previous post. I will be getting back with posts that sum up the contents of each course, so if you are interested please stay tuned!

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