Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Warrior's Path - Course End Conclusions

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When I started the course, I wanted to do a post every week about the topics discussed. In the end the material was so dense that I decided not to do that. However I have learned a lot and have assimilated a lot of information of which you will see future posts. This post is to thank all three remarkable teachers that helped us understand budo better. Szabó Balázs did a great job in talking about the history of aikido, going into great detail. Szemerey Márton approached the topic from a linguistic point of view and helped us understand some of the core martial arts concepts and technique names. Last but not least, Abe Tetsushi Sensei highlighted some of the most important budo terms and tried to convey to us some of the Japanese spirituality. All three presenters are really charismatic and great in the topics they presented. I really hope there will be a second part of this course. Now I am sitting down to finish up my paper which will be the evaluation of what I have learned on this course.

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