Thursday, November 24, 2011

Interesting Thumb Grab- Kokyunage Sankyo

Yesterday at training we did an interesting grab. I have been searching the internet for it but seemed to find no pictures or posts about it, so I decided to post one for you. I also made a picture with the cooperation of my boyfriend as an uke. Attack comes from shomenuchi, is reduced by leading it along its trajectory as the nage steps back and immediately grabs the thumb with the other hand:

I really had a lot of fun on yesterday's training and laughed a lot, among others also because one of the senpai was explaining me that I have to grab the hand just as I would grab a!fire!fire!

You have to push the thumb back and slightly to the side. Then it is just as any normal sankyo kokyunage.
Hope you found this post useful.

 Do let me know in a comment if you ever tried this technique. I think it is an interesting grab! Stay tuned for other posts!

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