Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reaching out to the Aikidoka

A big hello to all the aikidoka out there!

I find it preatty hard to reach out to the aikidoka out there from around the world, but I keep on trying. I do it with this blog, I do it with my Facebook page, my YouTube, even with direct mails to people and sometimes I succeed! And when I succeed, it feels really good because I get to have meaningful conversations. The best in all is it that it is always unexpected. The conversation always starts with my thanking the person for liking my Facebook page or commenting on my blog or videos. Most of the time the conversation stops here or advances to them writing me a short feedback. But sometimes, meaningful moments are born when I get to know cops who practice aikido for their job but who are family mothers at the same time, aikidoka who have a huge heart and praise and share my blog with all their friends, longer or briefer encounters, one time or recurring encounters, short but meaningful encounters. I just had one of the letter a few minutes ago, that made me write this blog post. It is partly also to thank him for taking the time to tell me the story of how he evolved in aikido. 

my first sensei was Fiordineve Cozzi
Now he is 5° Dan. 
He is very good.
His first sensei was Kurihara Kaoru in the 1992 K 
was 5° Dan
after Fiordineve had Hosokawasensei and Fujimoto sensei
Hosokawa had an ictus
years ago
and now we have only Fujimoto
our shihan is Hiroshi Tada
9° Dan
until 2 years ago
i studied for 4 years with Alessio Autuori, his sensei is Christian Tissier 7° Dan Aikikai de France
i say u
if u love aikido
u need train a lot
with all
good and bad aikidoka
u learn more fast
if u have chance to train in any stage
i suggest u
any sensei:

Thanks again Giuseppe! Hope that pizza was a good one!

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