Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet the Kokyunages

One or two weeks ago, I was confused about what kokyunage really is. Sensei seemed to call kokyunage so many techniques that were so different from each other. When I asked how I could recognize a kokyunage, he answered there were two basic kokyunages which he also showed me shortly. The rest of it is advanced, more complex techniques... even secret techniques! I stared at him with a blank face. This put all the other techniques into a new light also. If there were so many kokyunages, there were for sure a whole bunch of shihonages or say tenchinages I figured. While my mind was doing this considerations, my body was performing some odd and absconse kokyunages. Summer camp is getting closer and closer. In August the perspective of another exam is coming closer and closer. But I am not ready, yet.  I lack a lot of basic knowledge that I need to rehearse and get fixed in my mind.

  • the 10 steps
  • breathing meditation
  • jo katas

When will I be able to do all these without messing up? I guess I need this summer camp to make all this happen. I will ask my fave senpai to help in the preparations. If I persevere there is still a hope for me to improve. I do want to get better. It is no longer about surviving the ukemi (except for koshinage, maybe :P). Now it is more about me getting closer and closer to what aikido means. Sometimes we chat with my favorite senpai about aikido and also life in general. We are sort of dreaming to have a dojo. A nice one, not this rented mess where we are training now. 


  1. Szio!:)

    Van egy ajándékom Neked :)

    1. De cuki!!! Írok majd postot! <3 nagyon köszi!


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