Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glamour Days - Spring 2012

YaY! All the girls out there in Hungary are burning in Glamour fever this weekend. Me also! I decided to freshen up my wardrobe with some nice spring items with great discounts of 20% and more. Of course, I could not come home without some skincare products either. There was a huge discount of 40% for a product purchased in Yves Rocher and I was running out both of day and night cream and of my fave eye makeup remover also. So I happily refilled. I shopped from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. went home and took a nap. Basically I can say I shopped until I dropped. Crowded places can be so tiring sometimes. So here is what I bought on Day One from Orsay and Yves Rocher:

 I especially like this light, flowery blouse from Orsay. It will be really nice for both spring and summertime.

And now a close up with the cosmetics section of the shopping tour:

The next day I just went out to the mall that is five minutes from my home to check out a DM (drugstore) because I really wanted the discounted BB cream. I also wanted to check in to Charles Vögelle because they have such good quality clothes. For the summer I was needing some basic color tops black, white, of a good material and I thought this was the place to get them. So I plunged into the second day of shopping without really wanting to shop too much, and this was the result:

I found the tanktops I needed and in addition to that a beautiful dress with butterflies and a nice belt. I might wear the dress on one of my friend's wedding. Just need to spice it up with some nice shoes and a blazer I guess. The shoes...well yes... I was wanting to buy them for a longer time already but they were too expensive. Now I waited for them to be discounted and they got a discount of 40% so I went ahead and bought them. I think they will be great for summer with both pants and skirts in the office. Because of the air conditioning my feet would freeze in sandals or other summery shoes, but with these it will be optimal.

And finally I got the discounted BB cream also, because yesterday the drugstore I went to ran out and there was no more to restock. Today in this other mall I bought one of the last two that there were still in light. Medium is too dark for my skin-tone. I am pretty curious about trying it out. Will let you know how it works in a future post. So now I am all stocked up with nice things and waiting for the good spring and summer times. Feel free to share in a comment what things you got on the Glamour Days or any other spring discounts.


  1. Love the floral blouse! What's with the BB craze, during the vacation every other commercial was "spoken in BB" :)) Seriously now, I wonder if it's any good.

  2. :) thanks! I love that blouse, too. Didn't have the chance to wear it, yet. I like BB creams. So far I tried out two: this Garnier one and an Estee Lauder one. I like the Garnier better. Will do a post where I compare them. They are basically tinted moisturizers. If you find the right one for you BB creams can be pretty nice. Just low coverage and more UV protection and moisturizing.

  3. Thanks for the tips! :)Hope you get some nice weather so that you can finally wear that nice T-shirt.


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