Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Aikido Training Camp

Each season we have a training camp. In March we just had the Spring training camp and it was great. We trained a lot, five hours a day for the whole weekend, but we also had a lot of fun. We started off with variations of techniques from katadori menuchi and yokomenuchi. We practiced shihonage, kokyunage, kote gaeshi, ude garami, tenichinage and many other techniques. We freshened up some of the jo katas also, which I have the tendency of always messing up because I don't focus enough. There was a kyu exam at the end of the training camp, as always. I did not take any exam this time as I was not ready, yet. I know I should train harder, but I will eventually get to the next kyu level. Probably not in summer, but maybe after the fall training camp. Who knows... During the exam I was uke for the 6th kyu exam participants and the 4th kyu also. They all did very well. After having piled the tatamis up and then back down to the storage, we celebrated by going out to have a pizza. Pizza can taste so good after a weekend of aikido training! ^.^y 

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