Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When I first saw this abbreviation I was like: huh?? What?? But then I realized it meant Outfit Of The Day, calmed down, and started browsing. Be it videos, pictures, this that, one can find a lot of inspiration in these posts. So I checked out quite some on Facebook, YouTube and so on. But now another thing appeared on the web, where people share their looks, so I decided to join and do that also. One of my favorite youtubers who doesn't make videos anymore, namely fuzkittie has prepared this great platform where girls can share their girly stuff and hang out in heaven. So I am hanging out around there also, posting some of my outfits. Hope you like them and find some inspiration in them for putting together your own ones! In the meanwhile I am intensively concentrating on aikido and persevering with the salami slice approach. Click here to read more.

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