Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aikido Communication Tip

- Guest post by Greet De Baets

Aikido Communication Tip 1 - What do you need in a conflict?

Love. Show love for humanity, for our universe: you will find the power to deal with conflicts. This love gives you a broader view and, hence, energy and confidence.

Love is an important value, even in aikido (a Japanese martial art). Ueshiba Morihei, the grandmaster of aikido, called aikido the martial art of love and not the martial art of violence. Love is the basis for peace and harmony. Only when the aikidoka's attitude is peaceful and nonviolent, the aikidoka can conquer and bring harmony to the situation.

This aikido wisdom is universal. Feel free to implement it in any conflict at the office, on the floor, at home, ...


Aikido Communication Tip 2 - Are you sometimes surprised about what is important in other cultures?

Are you surprised about what is important to the English, the Americans, the Dutch, the Germans, the French, ... Does it match with your ideas? Or not? 

Accept what is important to others. Show them that you take them seriously. And tell them respectfully that you see things differently. 

Consider: to accept ≠ to agree

Imagine the opposite: people from another culture take you seriously when something is obvious to you. They accept you, your ideas and your behaviour, even if they do not agree with you. A lovely perspective, isn't it?

The tatami link for the aikidoka: we take everything our uke does seriously. We accept every attack ≠ we do not agree with it.

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