Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Get a Cute Hairdo - With Bangs

In this video, my friend Bella is doing my hair. The before and after are striking. It is damn hard to tame my wild hair. But she managed to do it. As we are good friends, I was at her place. We chatted a lot and we are planning to organize an all girls day, with many ladies. I could do nails, and maybe a bit of makeup she could do hairs. But we still need to find the people who would be interested in that and live in our area. So if you are and you leave in Budapest, please leave me a note!

She also has a blog:

You can check there loads of transformations and before and after photos. It is amazing how different one can look with a good haircut and some decent makeup. She also does hair extensions and all the such. So if you live in Budapest and want to get your hair done by her, just leave us a comment here or on her blog.

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