Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Coco Fashion Spring Review - Floral Tunic

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Spring is here and I wanted to review some spring style clothing that I got from Coco Fashion. What I picked this time is a tunic with an abstract painting of a flower. I liked the grey, black and white contrast. What I also liked is the combination of the textures. Cotton combined with the smooth silky  and slightly see-through material from which the sleeves are made. The pattern on the sleeves match very well the floral pattern from the from of the tunic.

If you are petite, you can wear this tunic just with leggings. In my case, I had to pear it with a short blue jean skirt and some leggings.

You can browse more tunics here.


  1. wow this good but ,I like your post and good pics may be any peoples not like because defrent mind all poeple , Gipsy Dharma

    1. Hi Sammy! Thanks for your comment. I make most of my pictures on my own to create unique content on my blog. Especially when I buy clothes from a webshop, I want people to have the right ideea what the clothes looked like in the end.


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