Thursday, March 20, 2014

What to Wear for Prom, Wedding or Class Reunion

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This year I am having lots of special events going on. I have my ten years high-school reunion in April, my cousin's wedding in August and who knows what other special event until the end of the year. So I started browsing the internet for different dresses. If I were to check all the shops and try on all the clothes I liked I think I would totally go crazy, so online shopping is always a good option for me. 

I have been considering at the beginning how fancy it should be. I know it is prom season now so many lady readers of mine might be looking for a prom dress. For this occasion you want to be as fancy as possible, because it is a great and exciting event. You want to go for something really fancy for this once in a lifetime event. All eyes on you! I think it is kind of the same in case of a wedding, especially if you are the bridesmaid. Here are some dresses I would pick for these kinds of events. If you want to look like a Greek goddess this is the look I would be going for:

Source: JenJenHouse ©
If you are a bridesmaid you might want to avoid white, and go for a more colorful solution. This one is really discreet and I could totally picture myself wearing it. The color transition is ombre, which is really fashionable right now.

Source: JenJenHouse ©

The next one is an intense royal blue color. What I like about this is the overlapping on the bust and the flattering form it gives to the silhouette.

Source: JenJenHouse ©

On the other hand for a 10 year reunion, you want to show another side of you. In my case, I want to show more like sense of personal style. Hopefully, it is in fact about you that people will want to know, you will have many fun discussions with old friends whom for some reason or other you have not seen for years (Facebook stalking not included). So for such an event my pick would still be a long dress, but more personalized style. Still princessy, but a pastel mild champagne color. I also like the asymmetry in the tailoring and the layering on the top area which looks very flattering on the bust.

Source: JenJenHouse ©

Of course when you pick your dress you have to think of the dresses that fit your figure best, you should feel gorgeous in the dress. Other additional things to think of are your hair color and style, undertone of your skin (warm or cold) and last but not least your budget. The good thing about JenJenHouse is that you can filter for the desired price, occasion, silhouette, neckline, straps, sleeves and what not. So if you have a vague idea of what you would like, all this filters will come in handy in picking the ideal dress for you.

Hope you found these tips useful. I am sure you will be the most gorgeous on that party!

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