Friday, April 11, 2014

Knitting for Friends - Winner of the Beauty and Aikido GIVEAWAY!!

Beauty and Aikido ©
You might all remember that one of the prizes in this year's giveaway was a cowl. The happy winner of the cowl is Jamie. She got my package in the meanwhile. She liked the soap and found the book really spiritual. She even got complimented on the cowl, which made me really happy. Knitting season is already over, but I might think of some sneaky way to knit some more, or maybe even switch to crochet. One day I saw this thin elastic thread and the shop assistant told me you can knit bathing suits from that one. How awesome is that? So I will keep on creating more hand crafted beauties.

If you liked the ones I made so far, you can see more projects and read more exciting Knitting for Friends articles here.

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