Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Voice Recordings - Who are your Enemies? Forgiveness Meditation

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Source: At Home in the Muddy Water. A Guide to Finding Peace within Everyday Chaos by Ezra Bayda

Hi Everyone!

Who are your enemies? You might say you have no enemies, that everyone is your friend. And I don't mean you should be paranoid about this and start seeing an enemy in everyone. But for the sake of simplicity we can call enemies anyone who takes you off balance, people with whom you dislike interacting at certain points. They are those people whom you blame for feeling bad, who ruin your day or a certain moment. In one word, you know...those bad intended guys. There is work you can do on yourself to deal this tension. Recently I have been feeling really tense in the dojo. I surprise myself many times thinking: "He is so annoying, he should stop doing that, he should just shut up." I am struggling with this a lot and realized that the problem has multiple dimensions. Comparing myself to him, disliking his attitude and personality (the little I know of it) and the list can go on. Sometimes I blame circumstances, other times I try to look at this as a necessary situation in life to point out something important that I should learn. So here is what I have been trying out. This is a forgiveness meditation, a sneaky one. You think you are doing intense work on the relationship with one or another person, but in fact a by-product of this work is that you start seeing yourself differently too, your attitude is changing. Sooner or later, the light into which these supposed enemies were put will change also.

Don't forget, as a very dear person to me always says: Everyone is work in progress!

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