Saturday, February 19, 2011

How my Blog is Received

I was just checking my Stats and observed an unusually high traffic from a given blog. (thanks Felipe for that!) I got really excited about the fact that my blog was quoted on another one, but as I speak three Romance languages fluently it quickly got clear to me that it was not that good intended. It ironically analyzed how naive my idea is to alternate posts about aikido with posts about doing my nails saying that I demonstrate nothing through that. This was however the purpose when I started this dual blog. I was aware that my posts about beauty will puzzle such readers as him just as the posts about aikido will puzzle the female audience looking for beauty tips. I anyway invited the author to share a blog post with us about his favorite beer, something he would probably never dare on his own, because it would corrupt the serious and focused aspect of his own blog.

Felipe Bem-vin(d/h)o!

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