Saturday, February 12, 2011

UV Gel Nails

False nails are glued to your natural nails and can cause many inconveniences. Unlike that, gel nails are applied directly to the surface of your nails, and can be taken off much more easily. In this video I made, my mother is making gel nails for me as a 25th birthday gift. The design is her ideea, hope it is inspiring to you all. You can easily prepare it yourself. Basically you need a UV lamp dryer, some brushes, buffers and the following products:

1. Perfect Nails. Perfect Bond
2. Crystal Nails. Easy Off Hardener Gel
3. Crystal Nails. Gel-Lac
4. Rimmel. Nail Tip Whitener
5. Chissá Nail Polish
5. Silver Nail Decorator
6. Kallos. UV top coat

Should you have any questions post them here or ask me on:

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