Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lovely Honey

As spring is approaching, I get into a cutey, lovely, honey mood. In this picture above I am holding a honey cake and have nails inspired by cutepolish. The small bow makes me smile each time I take a look at it. Fun nails can be created so easily and cutepolish has some really nice tutorials. I also created one on UV Nails not long ago. You can see the blog post here.

New acquisition is a band new shimmery nail polish:

 It is a drugstore brand from Rossmann, a well known drugstore in Hungary. I liked the design of the bottle, the net like pattern and flowers on the bottom, that can be easily turned into nail art. Lovely is a Polish brand with a lot of nice colors from mate to shimmery. I chose this shimmery beige nr. 267.

Here is a swatch:

I also discovered in Rossmann that I can now purchase in Hungary also the Essence Pure Skin Range. My absolute fave is the Essence anti-spot intensive night treatment. I first used it in Holland and fell in love with it as it makes your spots fade during the night. I then bought three back-ups that I am still using now. It was somewhat comforting to see that I can now buy it here, too. In addition I also saw from the same range the Essence anti-spot moisturizer that I persevere to use every night. I also am planning an appointment to my cosmetician to have my skin cleaned thoroughly again. It is amazing how much these Essence products can help your skin when it comes to clearing. And they all cost around 3 to 5 €!! For my mixed skin type they work perfectly well. And remember it is all about persevering and not skipping any stage of your skincare routine!

I will keep you updated and will do a You Tube review of the products I use at present.

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