Friday, September 9, 2011

Aikido Summer Training Camp 2011

I love to fly during the aikinage. I can't wait to meet my friends on the next training. This is all the effect of the summer training camp. We had such a wonderful summertime together with a lot of training and a lot of fun. So I really feel like posting this group photo of us. I hope we will build even stronger friendships and become really good aikidoka.

2011 Aikikai Aikido Summer Training Camp in Szantód

There is still a lot of work we need to do on our website. It is actually my boyfriend and I with the help of a senpai (the cute girl with a hakama on Sensei's right) who are redesigning it. We also have to look for a better dojo for the future that would attract more practitioners. But these will all come in time.

What we have already is a neat Facebook page! 

Feel free to check it out and like it. I have also posted some pictures from the training camp there.

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